Liberty, Faith, Family, and Freedom:

It is your responsibility!

As a citizen and voter you have a duty and obligation to be acquainted with country’s Providential history, liberty, and the Biblical spiritual laws and principles of liberty upon which our country’s founding documents are based. Also the covenantal aspects of liberty and our duty bound responsibilities to God for these blessings.

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution are based on Christian Biblical laws and principles. Our founders and patriots were willing to give up their lives, fortunes, and scared honor to secure liberty. America is the country that birthed liberty and freedom into the world. Government was established to secure the blessings of liberty. Yet many Americans today can no longer define the word liberty, far fewer know the Biblical spiritual laws and principles upon which it is based.

“God blesses those nations who acknowledge Him, His laws and providence.”

It's time to discover your country’s true history and heritage.