It is getting more and more difficult these days to know what information you can trust, especially on many websites on the internet and the main stream media. If you expected the country’s founding documents and history on the federal government and state websites to be immune from revision or omission, you would be wrong. In our politically correct secular anti-God society today, nothing it seems is off limits. Not even Lincoln’s Proclamation establishing the last Thursday of November as a day of thanksgiving is immune from revision.

     Revising and sanitizing American history by removing any reference to God or religion is nothing new. It has been going on in the public school system now for three going on four generations. So too has this trend been happening with many of our nation’s historical documents, and at many national historical sites as well. A number of books like "The Rewriting of American’s History" and others document expunging God from our nation's history. The same has been observed and documented going on at many of our nation's historical sites as well. Sadly, the examples of such occurrences are too numerous to mention. One such example I ran into recently was Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Day Proclamation on the National Park Service's website.

     Subtle but missing from Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Day Proclamation is the last paragraph of the text, “Done at the city of Washington, this third day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, and of the independence of the United States the eighty-eighth.” It is one of the most common “omissions” with many documents on federal government and state websites is to remove the last paragraph or words “in the year of our Lord …” Another is to post only a portion of the document or letter thus, removing the religious portion. Another is to make the document harder to find, or in rare cases by removing the document altogether. Example from the National Park Service. - Link to National Park Service Website

     Some would argue that is doesn’t matter and provides most of the necessary information. But phrases like “in the year of our Lord,” do matter because they define the religious nature of our country’s foundings. It shows the reverence important men and women had to God in American history. It shows that our calendar is dated to the birth of Jesus Christ. And this is exactly the reason why it has been removed from many historical documents. To post only the non-religious portion, omit, hide or remove text from relevant historical documents is at a minimum dishonest, and depending on intent which is often to remove God from history and the minds of Americans, immoral and evil. It robs the unsuspecting reader of an understanding of their nation’s true history and heritage, and leaves them with a skewed view of history. While one cannot say whether that was the intent of National Park Service, clearly it was not by accident that they removed or omitted the last paragraph of Lincoln’s Proclamation. The result is the same, historical documents have been modified and God has once again been removed from history.   

The Editor:  

* “To deliberately omit reference to God and the county's Christian religious heritage that birthed liberty and freedom in to the world is not unpatriotic, it is a sin against God and a national crime.” (Web posting - God and the Christian religion censored at the Independence Visitor's Center gift shop. – 2012)                                                                                             


“To deliberately omit reference to God … is a sin against God and a national crime."*