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Why do we Celebrate Washington's Birthday?

For almost 175 years citizens celebrated Washington’s Birthday, not Presidents Day. It was that important. He was the man Chief Justice John Marshall said, "in times of danger every eye was turned, and all hopes were placed. ... of those whom Heaven has selected as its instruments for dispensing good to man." Assigned by Providence to be the protector of ages yet unborn. When all depended on his virtue, fidelity, and trust in God, he held true in the fight for the Holy cause of liberty. He helped to birth into the world a new nation and God’s gift of (American) liberty and freedom. While there are many reasons to honor George Washington and his service to country, the celebration of his birth was less about the man or the positions he held. It was more about honoring a man that God had chosen to be the father of his country which birthed (American) liberty and freedom into the world.. ... -  Link to Article


What is Divine Providence?

Divine Providence or Providence is a term used to refer to God’s hand in history and the lives of man. It was used by the Founding Fathers in colonial times and continued to be used well past the Civil War. But today, due to the anti-religious sentiment of our secular society; it is a term that is largely spurned due to its religious connotations and implied obligations to God. More recently it has been introduced back into the public lexicon by Glenn Beck on his radio talk and television show. The term Divine Providence however is not interchangeable with God. ... -  Link to Article


What would Abraham Lincoln say if his "House Divided" speech were given today?

It has been over 150 years since Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous “House Divided” speech in Springfield, Illinois. His speech came on the heels of the Second Great Awakening (1800-1850) when the country experienced a spiritual reawaking to God. His biblically inspired words were “A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free.” ... -  Link to Article


Is the sun setting on the Republic?

At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was gazing at the painting of the sun on the back of Washington’s chair. He said, “I have often in the course of the session ... looked at that sun behind the President without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting. But now at length I have the happiness to know it is a rising and not a setting sun.” The sun was indeed rising on the new Republic; because, She had God’s blessing and assistance behind her.. ... -  Link to Article


GOD Rejects the National Cathedral's Stand on Gay Marriage?

The National Cathedral in Washington D.C. recently announced that they will begin to celebrate “same-sex weddings.” The previous year, the Episcopal Church which is affiliated with the Cathedral, adapted and approved a ceremonial rite to acknowledge same-sex marriage. The Associated Press reported that they “had been ready to embrace same-sex marriage for some time, though it took a series of recent events and a new leader for the … church to announce.” And the New York Times reported that “three years ago, before there was an officially sanctioned rite, the cathedral held a private wedding ceremony for a gay couple on its staff ... said that for gay and lesbian Episcopalian couples who can now be married inside the cathedral is “beyond symbolic.” But what is symbolic in making a mockery of God’s covenant of marriage? Clearly it is indefensible biblically and blasphemous against God.

So did God visit his wrath upon National Cathedral expressing His displeasure with the Episcopal Church for performing a “same sex” wedding ceremony and allowing openly gay clergy? We know from biblical history that God does not like to be mocked.

Oddly “on August 23, 2011, an earthquake ...  -  Link to Article


In response to Matt Drudge's Tweet asking if God is no longer watching over America

In response to your question, “Do you get the feeling God is no longer watching over America?” I would answer no, God is still watching over America. BUT, and it is the big American BUTT.

How would God handle a country that has broken the convent signed by their forefathers? -  Link to Article


National Park Service removes God from Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Day Proclamation

These days, it seems to be getting more and more difficult to know what information you can trust, especially with the main stream media and many web sites on the internet. If you expected federal government web sites that exhibit our founding history, documents and historical sites immune from revision or omission, you would be wrong. In our politically correct, secular, anti-God society today, nothing it seems is off limits. Not even Lincoln’s Proclamation establishing the last Thursday of November as a day of thanksgiving is immune from revision. ... -  Link to Article


“There is no such thing as human wisdom; all is the providence of God.” John Adams


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